Your logo in the color of #çavabienaller

Since the start of the CoVid-19 epidemic, the hashtag #itwillbefine has been circulating throughout Quebec. This movement, initially launched in Italy, is a bearer of hope and was created with the aim of bringing color back to our lives during this lockdown period.

A simple sentence but which stays in mind and brings positivity to the daily life, “it will be fine” is associated with the colors of the rainbow thus symbolizing the return of the sun after the rain, that is to say the return to normal life after the pandemic.

At, we have decided to also follow this movement by transforming the logos of our customers in the colors of the hashtag to allow them  participate in their turn.

Example of the Prestige Auto Hébert logo

Originally, Prestige Auto Hébert’s logo – the art of detailing – was gold and silver to perfectly represent the luxury and care they take in maintaining their customers’ vehicles.

Prestige Auto Hébert is a young family business that offers automotive detailing services that meet customer requirements. By using only high quality ecological products, Prestige Auto Hébert ensures optimal service. They decided to follow the “it’s going to be fine” movement, like a good number of Quebec companies, and it is that had the honor of transforming their logo in the colors of the hashtag.

The color gradient that makes up the rainbow has been used from different angles to highlight certain words. The logo itself has remained completely identical to the original one and the #çavabienaller has been added. You too, entrust us with the transformation of your logo in the colors of the movement and participate in the profusion of the hashtag.

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