Prime Auto Spa: a rolling logo!

The goal of is to design high-end logos, adapted to the needs of companies who want to create a relevant brand image. The logo is most important to a brand’s visual identity because it allows customers to recognize it among others. At, the satisfaction of our customers is our main concern. This is why we make our experience and expertise available to them in order to create a unique visual that will highlight their messages and enhance their brand. Today we present to you the Prime Auto Spa brand and the logo we made for them recently.

Who is Prime Auto Spa?

Prime Auto Spa is an automotive cleaning and polishing company. Concerned about providing quality service, Prime Auto Spa establishes a relationship with its clients that is based on trust so that they can count on them for all their needs.

A logo that fits perfectly with the brand

For the logo of this brand, we opted for a dominant color red, regularly used in the automotive world, which symbolizes strength and passion. A chrome gray completes this logo, reminiscent of the alloy that makes up the rims. To reinforce the luxurious side, we have added two tips of shine, relatively discreet but which give even more an aspect of cleanliness and sparkle. Of course, we have incorporated a car into the logo to allow customers and prospects  immediately identify Prime Auto Spa’s area of ​​expertise. For the typography, we have selected simple fonts. However, we’ve italicized them to give the logo a sense of momentum and speed, reminiscent of the automotive world.

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