Publish on Instagram Automatically from Desktop

Have you ever wished to find a simple tool that will handle all your publications on Instagram and all this automatically? You don’t have the time to daily post and maintain your presence on Instagram?

Plan 30 days of publications in 5 minutes. Is this really possible?

The answer is YES!  Thanks to Onlypult, you can now save hours and hours of your precious day and schedule all your publications in advance in one place, saving you effort in a record time.

All you have to do is register on the site by choosing one of 4 packages. You will then have access to their platform to upload, whether from a PC or from a smartphone, your photos or the video that you want to publish. After that, the application gives you the possibility to crop the image, put several filters and also allows you to insert a first comment and the hashtags that you want to use. Finally, you can choose the date and time you want to publish your content.

Automate Instagram posting

Onlypult offers you an analysis section where you can follow the dynamics of your audience (followers), your comments, the number of publications, interactions and more… The best functionality is optimization. This last feature suggests you the right time to set your publications based on your audience and the best tags used, in order to stay ahead of all your competitors….

Onlypult gives you 7 days of free trial to explore the features of its tool without any commitment.  Thanks to Onlypult, managing several accounts at once has never been easier.

Publish on IG from PC


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