Why do you need a logo for your business ?

Since the idea first emerged of you creating your own company, starting your own business, you have persevered and completed the steps one by one to achieve your dream.  Your efforts have clearly paid off as you are now an entrepreneur.

You must now ensure that your company continues to grow, that it stands out from other companies and captures the attention of future clients.  To achieve this, the quality of your products and/or services is of prime importance to you and you strive to be the most welcoming, creative and efficient as possible. 

Perhaps you have given some thought as to how to attract new customers and retain your existing customers, to developing an advertising campaign that would allow you to capture their attention.  But have you given any thought as to becoming recognizable among all the others?  In other words, have you thought of creating a visual identity, to setting up a graphic image with a logo for your business?


What is a branding strategy for your company?

Branding involves the development and management of the business’ corporate image. It is not only the development of a logo. In fact, it tells the story of your business while presenting a strong and unique personality, allowing consumers to identify you through a quality professional image.


Why develop your company’s visual identity?

Each of us, whether we realize it or not, have stored or know an impressive number of logos. We can assign a quality graphic to a brand, or a company.


The establishment of a specific graphic image to a company allows to:

  • Immediately identify the company, within a few seconds.
  • Attract new clients: There are numerous marketing studies that have shown that in many cases a logo alone helps to attract future customers and thus generate new orders …
  • Convey a message through visual communication: the typography, the colors chosen, the symbols placed to the front, each of these details among others, allows to tell a story, that of the company!


What is a logo?

Most of the time, creating a logo includes a fully original and innovative graphic design; but in some cases, the logo may male use of existing elements, such as the representation of a building, a person, an evocative illustration, etc. …

The logo and its use:

It is essential that the logo, a company’s visual identity vector, appear on the majority, if not on all its documents. So, it is important to take the time to display the previously created graphic image on:

Common mistakes to avoid when creating a logo:

It may be that you have an expertise in graphic design and you are responsible for the realization of your company’s visual identity, namely the development of its logo. If this is the case, it is preferable to avoid the conventional traps of mediocre logos that often prove harmful to the business.

  • A logo developed by an amateur:  The logo will be the main vehicle for the company’s image and so it must convey an impression of professionalism. Thus, only the connoisseurs of graphic models and professional graphic designers can develop an optimal graphic image.
  • The use of classic images: This is the most common mistake when making a logo of dubious quality. The creator simply uses a clichéd image: a tree for nature, a hand for personal services, a key for repair services, a bulb for idea.
  • The use of an inappropriate typography: It is essential to provide a font suitable for business … The logos created by amateurs often contain a typography that projects an image very remote from the company’s history.
  • Copy / paste: This is one of the worst mistakes, and one that no one will forgive you for! Be aware that there is legislation protecting logos, and therefore, you cannot under any circumstances, use an existing graphic image for your company, without the risk of being sued and causing harm, both to your business and the one you plagiarize.

And so, as you can see, the creation of a logo, a clean graphic image of your company’s world cannot be left to chance. It is highly recommended to use the expertise of a professional graphic designer for the development of your company’s visual identity.


The advantages of an innovative logo instead of a dusty branding

We cannot emphasize enough, a company’s image, like many marketing aspects, must be up to date! Do you know that all companies that thrive, have benefited from the services of professional graphic design, over time, to adapt their image to suit the times?

You would be surprised to discover the most famous logos in their primary form … Because fashions change and customer needs evolve, it is important for a business to stay in keeping with the times.


If a logo proved itself to be quite beneficial for a company ten years ago, there is a good chance that nowadays it appears very outdated and indirectly it is the entire brand that suffers from this image.


Thus, it is essential to take the time to update your logo, dust it off and maintain an innovative company image.


Graphic design professionals have significant expertise that enable them to make subtle changes to your graphic image, allowing you to modernize a vintage branding!


What are the steps for creating a logo?

Why use Conception-logo.com?

By choosing to trust Conception-logo.com, you surround yourself with professional graphic designers, who have the know-how, expertise and a significant artistic sensibility for the creation of logos, of graphic images.


They will accompany you in your need to set up a graphic image, a visual identity for your company, paying special attention to your needs and expectations.


They will then offer you a logo created in line with the Times, which will, no doubt, seduce and call out to your clients, leaving them with a lasting and accurate image of your business!


Insofar as the logo that is finally delivered will accompany you and will become the main image of your business for years to come, it is essential that you take the time to better define your expectations, and your needs, so that the creation of your company logo ultimately meets your every wish.


Before the graphic designers at Conception-logo.com can begin to conceptualize the technical and artistic aspects of your logo, it is essential to take the time to define your business, explain your areas of operations, the values you wish to convey, and the market you wish to target. While this may seem obvious to you, it is essential information required for creating your logo centered in the specifics of your marketing universe.


Once Conception-logo.com graphic designers will have all the information necessary for creating your logo, they will deploy their talents and knowledge, combining images, graphic designs, colors and carefully thought out typography.


What colors should be used in creating a logo?

When it comes to creating a logo, it may be that you wanted to use a choice of colors. In this case, our professional designers will respect your tastes, and incorporate them in an attractive logo.


However, more often than not, it is up to our designers to develop a graphic image representing your business by making use of specific color choices. Indeed, each color has a meaning and conveys an idea, and with regards to the creation of a logo, it is essential to use a color aimed at the main target audience.


Indeed, colors symbolize different emotions in different countries, cultures … It is important to create a logo, that considers these different symbolic values.


In general, we tend to associate green with ecology, shades of pink to early childhood and / or gluttony, red for passion, blue for relaxation…


In summary…

You will therefore understand that if you have at heart to best develop your business, your company, your brand, it is essential to take the time to design a visual identity that each of your clients will identify and differentiate from your competitors …

If your company is present on the market for many years, it is equally important to dust off your branding strategy and adapt it to your client’s new expectations, by updating your logo, thanks to the expertise of skilled designers in the field!

Because a logo is not simply an image, but the graphic telling of the story of your business, it is highly advisable to entrust its production to experienced professionals in the field who will provide you with their expertise, talent and tools…


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