MASKLOCAL, the logo of masks of your home!

The Covid-19 epidemic is forcing us all to take security measures. Everyone is trying to protect themselves. Masks have become everyone’s favorite accessory. In addition, the economic situation is not the best.

What if you could encourage local businesses in this situation? One gesture, just one. Buy your masks from businesses and artisans in your area.

At, we are keen to support local initiatives during this perilous period, through our achievements. Today we present  you the logo that we have designed for the MASKLOCAL platform, the purpose of which is to facilitate access to local masks.

MASKLOCAL, a laudable initiative

MASKLOCAL is THE Quebec platform connecting sellers and buyers of masks. On the one hand, you have the local businesses and artisans, who make quality masks and sell them on the platform, and on the other hand, the buyers of these masks.

You will find artisanal masks of all kinds that match any style. Whether it is medical masks or protective masks, the main thing is that you are protected against any kind of risk.

A logo reflecting the platform’s values

To create the logo for the MASKLOCAL platform, we have opted for simplicity. The most important thing here is to understand the concept and adhere to it. This is why we wrote the name of the platform, hanging a handmade mask on it, thus representing all the masks present on the site.

The other striking thing about this logo is the O of LOCAL which is instead represented by the sign of the location. Through this, we place special emphasis on the importance of the support we can all give to local businesses and our artisans here in these difficult times.

Regarding colors, we naturally opted for two variations of blue. It is the best color to embody confidence and security. In one sentence, that is to say, let’s trust the companies and artisans here to take care of our safety: let’s wear their masks!

Above all, the blue color puts you in a certain serenity. It’s a way of showing the importance of keeping hope, and working to make things better.

Take all the necessary precautions to protect your health and of your loved ones. The masks on the MASKLOCAL platform are sold across Quebec. Go to to get yours.

Let us protect ourselves and remain a united Quebec!

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