La Ferme Lortie, the logo of organic farming

The logo of a company is the very identity of its brand. It is often the driving force behind the first impression it gives to consumers. And as they say, the first impression is always the right one! The logo is also the first element of the visual identity. It must be well developed, in order to allow outright recognition of the company.

This is why at, we make it a point of honor to design high-end logos for our clients, reflecting the image of their organization. Stand out from the competition, with original, unique logos that are easily remembered and reflect your image.

Today, we present to you La Ferme Lortie, and the beautiful logo we designed for it.

Discover La Ferme Lortie

La Ferme Lortie is an agricultural business, specializing in the production of fruits and vegetables. There are dozens of varieties including corn, tomato, cucumber, carrot, greenhouse peppers, etc.

It is one of the rapidly expanding bio-food companies in the Laval region, whose climate and geographical location are conducive to very good agricultural potential.

La Ferme Lortie opens its season in summer. It works in the practice of agriculture that respects the environment.

A logo with fresh fruits and vegetables!

For the logo of la Ferme Lortie, we have opted for simplicity. The name of the farm in a very simple, but very pretty typography surrounded by representations of fruits and vegetables. At a glance, you know at the same time that we are talking about market gardening.

What about the colors? In agriculture, green is the most commonly used color. It represents the land, the very essence of all culture.

Apart from this characteristic, we used green because of its very strong connection with nature, freshness and growth. It is also the way to show that la Ferme Lortie is committed to protecting our environment. In addition, its products facilitate better well-being. Eat only fruits and vegetables, and you will find that you will be healthier.

Why red? It’s mostly there to get attention. She refers to the passion that the farm has in her work and above all, the seriousness with which she does it.

Tomato, carrot and corn are there to represent all the products developed by the company. All on a white background which brings out the other colors and which gives a little air of freshness!

La Ferme Lortie invites you from June 18 for the opening of the 2020 season!

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