The Voltage logo – Metal structure and welding

At, our goal is to design high-end logos, adapted to the needs of companies that want to create a relevant brand image. The logo is the emblem of a company because it is what enables customers to recognize the company among others at a glance. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is our main concern. This is why we make all our experience and expertise available to them, in order to create a unique visual that will highlight their messages and enhance their brand. Today we present to you the Voltage company and the custom logo we made for them recently.

About Voltage?

Voltage is a company of creation of metal structures, practicing repairs and modifications on elements which need it. The company Voltage is also specialized in custom-made steel furniture and on small structures, ramps …

A logo that matches the company’s image

For the Voltage company logo, we wanted to bring out the shiny side of the metal they are working with. This is why it contains highlights and shades of blue. We also added a man soldering and wearing a mask, representing the core business of the company.

The typography with light but dynamic curves combines with the illustration to represent the elegance of the objects produced by Voltage and the meticulousness with which they are made.

The black background highlights the blue and white that we have chosen to represent the technological side of the company as well as the patience shown by those who wield the soldering iron to create perfect objects.

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