Creation of a Logo for a Personalized Hip Hop Jewelry Store

All companies, regardless of their sector of activity, need to be accompanied by a logo in order to develop their brand image and visual identity as much as possible. At, we had the opportunity to create a good number of visuals to support companies in this process. Thereby, we can say that each of them requires different thinking, which is why no logo is similar. To get a clear idea of ​​this work, here are some thoughts behind the logo we made for Finest Look Jewelery.

Jewelry store Finest Look Jewelery: Specialist in personalized jewelry

In order to define what direction to take for a logo, it is essential to take a little more detail about the company itself and its operations. Created in 2015, this boutique offers jewelry, both for men and for women, which are tailor-made and which can be personalized as much as possible. In addition to the service itself, the store is committed to offering ever more affordable prices to its customers.


A logo with hip-hop accents

The jewelry offered for sale by Finest Look Jewelery is imbued with hip-hop culture, particularly in its shape, size and patterns that are offered. Therefore, it was essential to highlight this spirit in the logo, so that customers could quickly identify with the brand. This justifies the use of silver and gold hues that are characteristic of these jewels. The same goes for the “shiny” aspect which will reinforce the “luxurious” side of the jewelry.

A new logo that differs from the previous one

Before approaching this logo, the Finest Look Jewelery brand had another one to represent its brand. It displayed the brand name in capital letters and the products were found in an iconography made of a diamond and two rings to replace the two “O’s” in Look. While this logo tended to precisely define the brand’s image, it lacked the signature “hip-hop” edge of the brand’s jewelry and the ever more luxurious look of the products. The new logo also features the brand’s initials inside the diamond, so it can be displayed on any medium while still being recognizable to the brand. Therefore, “Finest Look” is no longer obliged to add the name of its company each time and can discreetly affix the logo on all its media.

The reflection around the Finest Look Jewelery logo

When designing a logo, it will be essential to ask yourself various questions, especially concerning the image you want to give to your customers, the message you want to convey or even the main characteristics of the target that we tend to reach. Once these points have been defined, it is possible to have a little clearer ideas to start designing the logo.

In this logo offered to the company Finest Look Jewelery, it is the product that will be represented so that customers can immediately have a clear idea of ​​the sector of activity of the company. In order to perfectly represent the products, we have chosen to use an iconography that refers to the items offered for sale, hence the use of diamonds and the crown.

The color is also not left to chance in the design of the logo and it refers to the materials used for the jewelry: yellow gold and white gold. The main idea remains that potential customers know, at a glance, what kind of product they will be able to find in the store. The luxurious side is also added by the shiny aspect worked on the design.

Inside the logo, we see the initials of Finest Look which are put in a rather sober black font. This choice is characteristic of luxury brands in order to mark the elegant side of the brand.

What will this logo bring to Finest Look Jewelery?

Like the other brands that we have supported, Finest Look Jewelery will be able to use this logo to increase its visibility with its target market. If we take a closer look at marketing, we see that the design of a relevant visual identity helps to gain the trust of its prospects and therefore, consequently, to increase its conversion rate. For a store, this saves customers and therefore increases its turnover. A well-thought-out logo also helps to firmly establish itself in the minds of consumers, who will be more inclined to buy from you because of the feeling of reliability that your brand image gives them.

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