Namasfit: a logo for a yoga brand that makes you want to move!

The goal of is to design high-end logos adapted to the needs of companies who want to create a relevant brand image. Visual identity is very important because it allows a brand’s customers recognize it among others. At, the satisfaction of our customers is our main concern. This is why we provide them with our expertise and our experience, in order to create a unique visual that can highlight their messages and enhance their brand. Today we present to you the Namasfit brand and the bespoke logo we made for them.

Who is Namasfit?

Created by Sandrine, Namasfit is a brand of sportswear, more precisely yoga, printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada. Eco-responsible and respectful of nature, the Namasfit leggings are made from EcoPoly fibers (ecological fiber that requires much less water and energy) in only 60 pieces per model.

Sandrine’s mission is to provide uniquely designed yoga clothes in which to be comfortable practicing this activity.

A logo that matches the brand’s image

Namasfit being a brand of sports clothing, we needed a logo that represents the movement. That’s why we have integrated a gymnast silhouette into the center of the logo.

We used a modern typography with a style combining boldness and elegance, which fits perfectly with the values ​​of the brand. The letters “A” with a break represents a yogi doing the downward dog pose.

As for the color, we chose yellow because it is a shade that is often associated with sport, it perfectly represents the energy and dynamism of this discipline. The yellow heptagon of this logo makes it possible to highlight the sporty silhouette while drawing the eye to this same point which is decisive for the identity of the brand.

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