Logo for a Poet: Peauxetic Expressions

When we here at Conception-Logo.com design a new logo for a client, a lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing each and every element and color selected to represent the essence of our client’s business or brand.

As an example, the Peauxetic Expressions logo we recently created for poet, author, and publisher, Carlos Harleaux, was crafted by our talented logo design specialists with Carlos in mind –  as a member of the writing community, we knew his logo needed to capture the spirit of his craft.

Ever the author, his latest book of poetry, Stingrays, was released in February 2017. Stingrays is a “peauxetic” metaphor that explores how one can manage to thrive in life, even while battling the unexpected stings of its barb. We are proud to

We built his logo using the most classic tool of a writer’s trade. The quill pen. Set in the color red, which is a color associated with passion, boldness, excitement, and sometimes anger, the feather stands firmly as an anchor for the logo. The red, an implication of the strong emotions evoked by powerful words, accurately portrays the strength of the author’s written words.

Centered on the quill, and represented by the colors yellow and blue, is the name of Mr. Harleaux’s professional presence, Peauxetic Expressions. The blue serves to calm and balance the strength of the red, and yellow a color that typically elicits emotions of happiness, confidence, warmth, and caution, strikes a confident tone between the red and blue.

The lettering of the logo is yet one more way we were able to capture the spirit of Carlos’s occupation. By employing a ribbon type font, we linked the “P” and “E” together as if they were a silk ribbon – much like the lines of verse within a poem flowing smoothly and placidly through the stanzas they comprise.

Your logo is the most recognizable element of your business or establishment. It is one of the first things your customers will recall when thinking back upon their interaction with you, and it will be part of the description they give when recommending your organization to others who are in need of your services.

Like Nike’s swoosh, you’ll want your logo to be clearly identifiable, relevant, and memorable while conveying the appropriate message about your company. Trust your logo to a proven authority and contact us today for a logo design that accurately captures the spirit and personality of your business or organization.

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