Carteblanche creations, an Epoxy logo’s ambition is to design high-end logos tailored to the needs of companies that want to create a relevant brand image. The satisfaction of our customers is our sole concern and that is why we provide them with our expertise and experience. The visual identity, but especially the logo of a brand, is very important because it allows customers to recognize it among others. At, we create for each of our clients a unique visual that can enhance its brand as well as enhance it. Today, we present to you the tailor-made logo of the Carteblanche creations that we made for them, respecting their needs and their indications.

Who are the Carteblanche creations

Specialized in the creation of high-end tables, Carteblanche creations is a Quebec company that works mainly with epoxy resin and wood. Carteblanche creations choose the projects on which they want to work with meticulousness.

Wood as it is in its natural state combined with epoxy resin gives a unique result that has already satisfied many of their customers.

A logo reflecting the brand

We used blue for the logo of the Carteblanche creations because it corresponds to the color of the resin used by the company. We also added a marbled appearance, identical to what this resin gives when it is dry.

The two letters “C” and “B” of the Carteblanche name intermingle and form a projection, once again representing epoxy resin, the main material used by the brand.

Regarding the typography of the text below the logo, we have chosen a modern font with rounded shapes to symbolize the refined and high-end side of the products.

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