Make Pro Culture Terro grow towards success! aims to design high-end logos adapted to the needs of companies that want to create a relevant brand image. The logo is the most important part of a brand’s visual identity because it allows customers to recognize it among others. At, we create a unique visual for each of our clients that can highlight their message and enhance their brand. The satisfaction of our customers is our main concern and that is why we make our expertise and experience available to them. Today we present to you the Pro Culture Terro brand and the bespoke logo we made for them.

About Pro Culture Terro

Pro Culture Terro is the specialist in soil for growing cannabis. Created by a Quebec team of natural culture enthusiasts, Pro Culture Terro’s mission is to offer superior quality, eco-responsible and affordable products.

The little secrets of the logo

To make the logo of Pro Culture Terro, we used three colors. First of all, green, the main and prominent color, to represent the natural side of the products offered by the brand. We have also integrated brown to symbolize the earth, their flagship product. This soil is composed of three layers to designate the different stages of nutrient decomposition for the plant. And finally, the blue which inspires confidence and knowledge, two important virtues in this type of activity. Blue also brings a sense of calm, which is ideal for growing products from the land where patience is required to achieve results.

We designed the logo incorporating a pot divided into two parts by a cannabis plant stem. The flower, on the other hand, represents a blue drop of water embellished with four green spikes reminiscent of the very famous shape of cannabis leaves. It is important to remember, with the Miracle Pot, users only have to add water to the plant for optimal results.


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