514BARBIER, a representative logo of the profession

As you probably already know, a company’s logo is the image of its brand. It represents its mission, but above all its values. You might think that when you have a small business, the logo does not really matter that much. This is where you got it all WRONG.

Whether your business is small or large, it needs a logo that describes its identity. At Conception-Logo.com, we make it a point of honor to produce the highest quality logos for our clients, regardless the size of their business or the size of their audience.

And even if your business is not well known, you still have competitors. It is therefore your logo, which will allow you to differentiate yourself from them.

Today we are going to analyze the logo of a small company, which we have taken care to realize as always, with as much professionalism as possible. This is 514BARBIER.

514BARBIER, the rebirth of the barber profession

It was thought for a very long time that this profession had disappeared. Well no. Even if this may have been the case in the 20th century, the barber profession is indeed in vogue these days. 514BARBIER is the perfect example.

The barbershop, located in Laval, is specialized in facial care. It welcomes its customers in a more than friendly atmosphere. Whatever the type of skin and hairiness, the barber is pleased to maintain the beard, mustaches, eyebrows in short, the entire face of his clients, according to their desire.

At 514BARBIER, we always find a perfect harmony between the hair and the beard. The barber also finds the right cut for the client’s face. You come home as you are, you come out more beautiful.

514BARBIER, a logo that speaks of the profession

A good logo must be able at first sight to determine or have even a small idea of ​​the activity of the company. This is the main goal you wanted to achieve with the barber logo.

The profession of the barber can resemble that of the hairdresser. The difference is that the barber is specialized in a close shave. The barber’s logo must therefore highlight this distinction.

So, to design the 514BARBIER logo, we went straight to the point. The writing of the name of the company which already announces itself, its activity. The challenge was to find a typography suited to the concept of the entity. We therefore opted for a bold uppercase font, which is clearly visible and easy to read in order to allow better identification.

What about the comb?

If you are told comb, what job do you think of? There aren’t many possibilities, are there? Either way, you already know that it must have to do with hair, or beards, or both.

Therefore, we chose the comb as a representation of the activity, in the logo. Just like the trimmer, razor, shaving brush or even the chisel, the comb is a very important working tool for a barber.

The slogan and the colors

One thing that is also important to business owners is the concept of family. Customers are warmly greeted in a very friendly atmosphere. The company’s slogan makes it clear: “Welcome to the family”. It was therefore very important to properly display this sentence on the logo.

This is also why we also chose sober, but warm colors. Black is the symbol of seriousness in the work. In addition, it is a color that is appreciated by men, who constitute the clientele of the company.

In addition, there is the brown, which although being a neutral color, gives that very invigorating note of warmth. This reveals the enthusiastic welcome that is given to each client of 514 BARBIER. You can experience it yourself. Visit the barber’s Facebook page to book!

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