For 2021, is redesigning its logo!

Have you seen our new logo? Yes, you probably saw it. The logo of our website has changed. We advised you to do as we did in 2021, by opting for a logo update. We also mentioned the many advantages of an evolution of your logo.

So, ready to discover the new logo of One thing is for sure, we are extremely proud of it!

Why a logo redesign?

What are the reasons that pushed us to think about the evolution of our visual identity? You know, these days, things are just moving so fast and most importantly, consumer behavior is changing.

Of course, you don’t suddenly change your logo because you want to follow the trend, or because you want to stay in the loop. It has to be a well-considered decision.

So you have to find a reason for your logo redesign. And ours was extremely clear: our services had evolved, our clients had diversified and even our team had grown. new logo vs. old logo

So we thought of a new logo reflecting all our services. In designing our old logo, we put a lot more emphasis on graphics. Today, we offer beyond everything that revolves around design, animation and especially the creation of websites.

In fact, we asked ourselves the question: what are the values that represent our company? We are young and dynamic and our biggest concern is to bring the best services to our customers. We had found it!

Professionalism, dynamism and innovation were our watchwords. And when you think about it, our color palette already represented these values very well. So we kept the orange, which expresses innovation, and the black, which is the very embodiment of the serious work we do for our customers.

But that’s not all. For a logo redesign, there are certain elements that you must absolutely take into account:

  • Identify the most recognizable part of the logo and keep it identical;
  • change the font;
  • and don’t stop at the first idea that comes along!

That’s what we did! : new visual identity

Now we present to you our new logo! The C that stands for “Conception” has been kept because we believe it is the most recognizable element of our company.

And what has been the real change between the old and the new logo is the shapes! If for our old logo, the shapes were round, for this new one, it’s just the opposite. The shapes are now angular.

Our new logo is in the shape of a square cut.. This symbolizes, even more, our professionalism and reliability.

We also changed the font to better match the text to our image.

But it wasn’t easy! We tested as many ideas as we could and finally came up with a final choice that suited us all. And one that better reflects the image we want to convey to our audience.

So, did you also decide to redesign your logo? Please contact us! We will be delighted to discuss it with you.

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